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A new flagship for digital rodent control


Rat shield powered by MAGNOR

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RS 1800 Switchboard


Magnor's Fuse Box: your ultimate safeguard against rat and mice damage, strategically designed for placement within fuse boxes and electrical cabinets. 

RS 1800 Switchboard

Meet Rat Shield's RS 1800: a revolutionary rodent control solution using high-frequency sound pulses beyond human hearing. Easy installation, advanced tech, and seamless alerts make each speaker a rodent-free champion. Developed by Magnor Pest Control Ltd in Israel.

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RS 1800 Speakers

RS 1800 Speakers

Rat Shield RS 1800 is a revolutionary electronic rodent control system that prevents damage caused by rats and other rodents, especially designed to work in data center areas, electrical and telecommunication centers or other areas with a large volume of wiring. Offers complete protection against the damage caused by rodents within the designated area.

Main Features:

• Experience flawless design and a compact form factor.
• Each speaker delivers immersive 180° sound dispersion.
• Utilizes proprietary technology to ensure exceptional sound quality despite its compact size.
• Features a front speaker panel with an LED indicator.
• Emitting high frequencies of 21-35 kHz, beyond the range of human hearing, into the ultrasound spectrum.
• Suitable for operation in humid environments, boasting high corrosion resistance.
• Comes equipped with two premium ultrasonic speakers.
• Enjoy outstanding acoustic performance with 24-bit audio and a pulse frequency response 

Who is it for?

"Private homes - Gardens - Tiled roofs - Balconies - Drop ceilings - Parking lots - Pergolas - Restaurants - Shared roofs - Greenhouses - Office buildings - Yards - Gypsum drop ceilings - Shops - Terraces - Businesses - Residential buildings, and more.

mangoner rat shield

The Advantages of Rodent Deterrence

The Most significant advantage of the rodent and rat electronic deterrence system is the fact that it is an ultrasonic system.

The system uses high-frequency sound waves that rats are sensitive to, and that force them to vacate the area. 

These waves are in no way harmful to animals or the environment, which is not something that can be said about poison and chemical-based rat extermination.

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