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Governor Kathy Hochul's Statewide Solar for All Program: Revolutionizing New York's Energy Future

Quick Overview:

  • Program Overview: Governor Kathy Hochul announced the Statewide Solar for All program, which will expand solar and energy storage projects across New York in partnership with the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC).

  • Administration and Integration: The program will be managed by investor-owned utilities serving Electric Energy Affordability Program (EAP) customers and will enhance the Community Distributed Generation (CDG) program by allowing participants to choose up to three different savings rates.

  • Financial Benefits: EAP customers in disadvantaged communities will initially receive an electric bill credit. Once fully implemented, the program aims to provide at least $40 in annual bill credits to over 800,000 households.

  • Equitable Access: The initiative focuses on reducing solar installation costs, increasing operational efficiencies, and providing equitable access to community solar, benefiting low-income households and integrating CDG storage projects.

  • Impact on Solar Industry: The program is expected to boost New York's solar industry, foster a vibrant community solar market, and extend the reach of community solar benefits to more low-income households statewide.

In-Depth Analysis

Governor Kathy Hochul of New York has unveiled a new initiative, the Statewide Solar for All program. The program, which works with the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC),). This program is designed to accelerate the expansion of solar and retail energy storage projects throughout New York State.

Moving forward, the administration of the Statewide Solar for All program will be the responsibility of investor-owned utilities that cater to customers of the Electric Energy Affordability Program (EAP). Moreover, the PSC has taken measures to enhance New York's Community Distributed Generation (CDG) program, which participants can opt into.

“We are ensuring more New Yorkers than ever will have access to clean, solar energy so we can build a healthy future,” Governor Hochul said in a statement. “The Statewide Solar for All program will generate significant benefits for our health, our environment, our economy, and the thousands of New Yorkers who will see lower electric bills.”

PSC Chair Rory M. Christian elaborated, “The Statewide Solar for All program approved today will reduce costs to install solar power, increase operational efficiencies, and provide equitable access to community solar.” He emphasized that the program's dedication to energy affordability aligns with a well-rounded community solar policy, focusing on low-income households and fostering the expansion of community solar. “The initiative’s focus on energy affordability fits within a balanced community solar policy by prioritizing benefits for low-income households and driving the growth of community solar. This initiative will also allow CDG storage projects to participate in the program — creating a simple offtake strategy that provides bill savings to low-income customers — all while providing meaningful benefits to the grid.”

The model of the Statewide Solar for All program merges two significant state initiatives: the Energy Affordability Program (EAP), managed by utilities, and a market-driven community solar program. This fusion aims to effectively provide savings from clean energy to households with low income. Initially, the program will offer an electric bill credit to EAP consumers living in underprivileged communities, aspiring to eventually provide at least $40 in annual bill credits to upwards of 800,000 households upon the program's full fruition.

The initiative consolidates renewable energy credits and applies them to the electric bills of EAP participants, fostering a vibrant community solar market. This allows low-income individuals to gain additional savings through both the EAP Solar for All program and voluntary participation in Community Distributed Generation (CDG) projects, as stated by the Governor's office. This is in addition to the discounts already provided on their EAP bills. Moreover, the Public Service Commission (PSC) has enabled CDG developers to present up to three distinct savings rates to CDG subscribers who choose to opt in. Within the next year, investor-owned utilities across the state are mandated to enhance their systems to accommodate multiple savings rates, reflecting the varying costs of electricity production for CDG projects. According to the Governor’s office, these measures are anticipated to not only bolster the solar industry in New York State but also to expand the reach of community solar benefits to more households, including those with low incomes, throughout the state.


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